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During a database attach migration from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 a report can be obtained by running Test-SPContentDatabase command. Missing webparts are just indicated as GUIDs without any association with installed webparts. This tool allows you to match webparts with this IDs.

This project is a very a simple GUI for a method posted into MSDN's SharePoint Development

This project solves a problem related to the database attach method when migrating from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
Before perfoming a database attach to migrate a content database in SharePoint 2010, you should always run the powershell command Test-SPContentDatabase to generate a report which will underline issues during the migration.

The problem is that missing SharePoint WebParts are indicated throght an GUID that is not intuitive to obtain.
This ID is called WebPart Type ID and is generated whith the concatenation of the full assembly name '|' (pipe symbol) full type name of the WebPart, converted to a byte array using Unicode encoding, and hashed using the MD5 provider.

This tool allows you to generate your own WebPart Type ID, allowing you to locate missing webparts.


As you can see Assemblies and Type names can be located by navigating to http://YOURSERVER/_layouts/newdwp.aspx


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